Tuesday, 22 May 2012


                                                                               I quite like watching documentaries on the telly on a variety of subjects, i like history , mainly military and sporting history ,funnily enough i dont have a lot of time for current sport ,but love watching old boxing ,old motor racing and old Liverpool games ,we used to win them in the old days, except for one i watched last night ...LIVERPOOL V AJAX from 1966....LIVERPOOL  got battered over the two legs ,something like 7-2. I was also watching JACK DEMPSEY ,JACK JOHNSON(FROM 1909, ...With one fight and you could see WYATT EARP refereeing,amazin' stuff0...rocky marciano, joe louis ,etc ,all great fights i could watch all the old stuff forever ,much to the disgust of my beloved wife ,THE LOVELY LYNNE  ."Whats the point"?...They show the motor racing from the 60's and 70's and the great drivers and amazing crashes. I also enjoy the military histories ,mainly 2nd world war ,but am branching out to the first and the NAPOLEONIC time thanks to the old SHARPE series . But i love space science programmes.

I've always been space mad....GERRY ANDERSON kickstarted me off with FIREBALL XL5....The comic TV21 with wonderful artwork was all the rockets and DALEKS and space....Then APOLLO 8 went round the back of the moon....WOW!....Then APOLLO11 ,etc.....I was blown away by the last APOLLO 17 as they travelled over mountains and valleys for days the sights must have been astounding. Then i was blown away by VIKING landing on MARS and that famous picture still to this day captivates me...."MY GOD ,THATS THE SURFACE OF MARS!"....I want it as wall paper in the living room ,you'd have a martian panoramic vista around the room of the surface , except for the heating radiator ,the telly and the odd cupboard ,i wouldnt mind ,but THE LOVELY LYNNE doesnt seem as keen.

Then the VOYAGER pictures of the outer planets and moons ,totally mind blowing ,they look a little old these days, but at the tme ,MY GOD!....The planets are all HD now and are amazing. I still look at a surface pictures and am unashamedly and totally stunned n flabbergasted...."My god that is Saturn ,or thats Europa ,etc..."....The documentaries are mainly computer generated images of the wonders of the universe ,which are fairly impressive and nessesary because in most cases its the only ways of showing so much. But stuff like the MARS ROVERS photographs ,as far as i'm concerned should be shown daily on prime time telly as should the CASSINI mission to SATURN...Etc, The documentaries, though they are visually very impressive are very irritating..whereas once upon a time a narrator would talk through whatever....Now we have these bright smiley young bushy tailed American scientists telling us how...."LIKE TOTALLY AWESOME...COOL...FUN ..GEE..WOW...FUN...ETC,ETC....."And listening to these 'whizz kids' buzzing away ,gets on my f**ki' tits and  drives me up the wall....Why cant they get one of the main scientists who designed and built or flew missions or whatever and let him give us a straight explanation and the benefit of his experiance and knowledge?....We're British and we dont have 'Dudes spouting how 'awesome such a thing is and how cool ,etc, as they explain so knobheads like me can understand ...No! we have an aged ,half blind ,fat ,miserable old get to fuel our love of the cosmos ,a certain MR PATRICK MOORE...Looking a bit 'shagged out' these days ,but still ,maybe not out in his garden with his 15 inch reflector these days, but still guiding THE SKY AT NIGHT' for its 800 th year ,god bless 'im!


Thud said...

I worryingly am starting to resemble the great patrick moore, I already resemble him in his views on the world...usualy unprintable.

Tim Leatherbarrow said...

Leave the monocle out and you may get away with it for a few more weeks....And stop playing with your 15inch reflector in your back garden.....I think you n' Lynne should be running the country with advice from Sir Patrick.

Tim Leatherbarrow said...
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