Thursday, 17 May 2012



                                                                                           LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB have it has to be said  had better days. The last few seasons haven't been storming successes, but they haven't been terrible failures either. They brought KENNY DALGLISH back last year to run the show and rescue a club that had been screwed up by some money gobbling American owners. and for a while things seem to be going well. Dalglish did make a few mistakes ,mainly on the P.R. front defending badly behaved stupid arsehole petulant foreign players, etc, etc, but thats what managers do ,defend the club, but it didnt look good and ,after all thats all that matters in these fine days  just what looks good. There was a time before clubs bought new foreign players less than once a day and changed squads less than once a fortnight. In those long gone halcyon days of teams ,rather than squads, players were the reason that clubs lost games and would be dropped and had to fight for their places. Now as they've got agents and cost so much to pay in wages and being treated generally like royalty, clubs cant afford not to play these 'gods'....So these days dont drop the player ,just drop the manager.....

Long gone are the days of the tracksuited man with a red bobble hat ,a rusty bucket and 'the sponge, he was the trainer ,or coach sitting next to the other guy in boots and tracksuit ,the manager. That was the backroom boys .BILL SHANKLY  had the BOOTROOM were the great decisions were taken ,not by the board of suits ,but the cold wet muddy ,tracksuited team SHANKLY had put together who knew the players ,cared for them and loved the club ,its traditions and all it stood for and were getting peanuts for their work and devotion.

Now players whizz in and out through the revolving doors at the entrance to the players suites as do the managers so fast that any appreciation of a clubs tradition ,etc ,just doesnt exist anymore. Theres only a few people in a few clubs who've been there so long they are a part of the history ,not just a footnote of the story of that club. People like ALEC FERGUSON at MANCHESTER UNITED much as it pains me to mention them . One of the others was KENNY DALGLISH  at LIVERPOOL, but no more ,some Italian ,Spanish ,south American guy will step into the breech until hes earned a few million and gets sacked or his agent gets him a job abroad. Maybe its getting to the stage where they have a subs bench for the players ,they should also get a subs bench for a bunch of managers ,so they can chop, change and sack the managers whenever, even mid game.


john said...

Agree my mate

john said...

Agree, far too much money and contracts not worth the paper the ink is on mercenarys everywhere