Monday, 26 November 2007

As ever i was going to change the course of history with the power of my inciteful/finger on the pulse cartoons on this here blog, as read by the rich n' powerful people who matter all over the world. Well,if they want to stay at the top of their various trees it wouldn't do them any harm to tune into my inciteful/finger on the pulse comments and cartoons. I apologise for todays lack of such 'stuff'. Don't blame me ,blame the missus.
I got a call from my dearly beloved,(thats the missus,by the way.)..She wanted me to E-mail her photo page from her passport to her. It sounded fairly straightforeward even to a computer luddite like myself. I set to scanning and even managed that ,no sweat. Swelled with pride at my technological breakthrough, i put the kettle on!.....Next came the E-mailing bit. A few attempts and i got nowhere .....So, i put the kettle on again!.....Re-scanned the passport page on another document, and tried again. No fxxxx'in' luck!, So, iput the kettle on again and went through the whole rigmarole again, no luck...Didn't put the kettle on ,went for a pee, instead. Then ,put the kettle on!.....Went through it all again . The language was getting more colourful and the finger impacts on the keyboard was increasing somewhat......So, put the kettle on! Came back ,and went back to the beginning ,and ....I DID IT!!!!!....At last the bloody thing was sent off. I celebrated by putting the kettle on,by the way. Now ,every single document on the computer has the Missus's smiling face looking out at me.It's like she's there watching me all day ,making sure i don't look at nudie ladies, or buy comics n' dvd's on e- bay....As if i'd ever do such things ,i'm a respectable cartoonist putting the world to rights .....S'cuse me ,i've got to go,ithink the kettles boiling. (And theres a boxed set of FireballXL5 dvd's due for auction soon. )

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