Monday, 19 November 2007


Every where you look there's trendy gym's. Where once they were little places in side streets in city centres, where you'd walk up creaky old wooden staircases to a large mouldy carpeted couple of rooms with battered punchbags swinging from dangerously rusted hooks hanging from dangerously mouldy/damp roof joists. The dangerously sounding creaking of the bag n' ceiling was drowned out by the sound of metal weights banging and clanging away as various club bouncers and city gangsters lifted and dropped loose weighted bars back on to the floor causing the whole building to shake dangerously. Now, thats all gone .The gym's are all huge places the size of the average Asda store .Loose weights have dissapeared and been replaced by a variety of machines which work on the biggest to the smallest most inaccessable muscle you may have depending on which Heath Robinson device you go for. The main difference is the lines and lines of treadmills so ,for some reason people can pay the ridiculous membership fees to just run on the spot. In some cities ,i remember seeing it first when i once went to New York(i used to get around y'know.) But, what i saw was a whole block ,and through the windows was hundreds of people running on the spot, i couldn't believe it. Now you can watch the telly as you run with each treadmill with it's own telly.
I can live with this quest for the body beautiful by the beautiful people ,all the membership packages ,personal trainers ,etc,etc. But, apparently some people have started their babies on an excercise regime ,with personal trainers ,etc. The poor kids in their SHELL NAPPIES, or is it TRACK NAPPIES crawling on the treadmills watching THE TELLYTUBBIES,or whatever before their DUMMY RAISES or TEDDY LIFTS to work on their six pack ,or six milk carton. It's comforting to know the world is going crazier. In years to come we'll all be nutters ,but we'll all be fit nutters.

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