Friday, 2 November 2007

Help save an obscenely overpaid proffessional footy player today!

It seems our less than mathmatically gifted politicians have got their figures wrong again. The sports minister ,Gerry Sutcliffe ,after slagging off Chelsea's John Terry for his obscene weekly wage of 150,000 pounds. It turns out is nowhere near that .It is only a mere weakly 130,000 pounds. Dear god ! Just how is a man meant to live;Feed his family/Wags;Afford mansions and luxury appartments;Blast around in the finest motors under the influence of the finest drink n drugs. I don't know ,but we have to help.
Our fine sports minister,who, i'm sure isn't anywhere near obscenely overpaid(all goes on expenses.). He claims Chelsea are running an unsustainable business.So, the club needs money ,as many of our beloved premier clubs do. This is backed up by the claims that Manchester United are'Pricing out the rank n' file supporters' .So, theres the Problem and the answer. All you Rank n file footy fans 'dig deep. Forget a few pints and a bite to eat with 'yer mates 'and stuff. Football isn't to be enjoyed. How can you spend your hard earned pathetic pittance on luxuries like these when your clubs need your money . You'll suffer in the end ,the players filled with money worries wont be happy players, and an unhappy player isnt going to play well . Think about it ,how would you like to be in poor John Terry's boots?

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