Monday, 26 November 2007


Every time i turn the telly on ,there seems to be another 'Star' of stage ,screen n' soap travelling to 'out of the way places around the globe. Bravely travelling alone in their various odd n'odder modes of transport, alone except for their camera crew. And for those that make apoint of showing they're travelling with a crew, there's a second crew to film the star and the first crew. They're all jumping on the' travel the world freebie bandwagon'. Especially the comedians. Michael Palin doesn't pretend to be a funny guy on his travels, just seems to enjoy himself and its infectious ,my missus just loves him. The others ,well the main source of amusement for me is watching the locals in Africa or Mongolia looking at this nutter fronting these camera and sound crews and wondering 'what the bloody hell is he on about.'(in African ,or Mongolise,of course.)...You never saw the comedians in the old days 'oohing and aaahhin' at Silver backed gorillas in the wild;Frankie Howard ,Sid James ,Bernard Manning ,Kenneth Williams,Benny Hill,etc,etc.Ahh, the mind boggles doesn't it.But there's bound to be the next batch of would be globe trotters lining up their journeys and modes of transport for the next batch for all of us who are staying at home to suffer through. I always thought that Silver Backed Gorillas were dying out ,on the verge of extinction. But wherever a celebrity goes in these programmes, theres always an episode where they're whispering 'oohhs n' aahhs and outstandings!' to camera, as they spy on a family of gorillas. We're overun with the bloody things ,i tell you.

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Simon Ellinas said...

How right you are! We have Tony Hawks, Robbie Coltrane, Ewan Mcgregor (with Charlie Boormann), Ruby Wax, Griff Rhys Jones, Dara O'Briain, Rory McGrath - the list goes on! How about some shows about celebs staying in for the night and watching TV (about other celebs travelling the world).