Monday, 12 November 2007


If i turn on the telly and stumble across the snowy Austrian mountain opening sequence with the sound of a turbo prop aircraft being gradually drowned out by an increasingly loud regular drum beat, then 'dead dramatic' music.....Then it can only mean one thing. Its...WHERE EAGLES DARE!....Yet again and i'm hooked for the next 2 hours or whatever as Clint and Richard wipe out the German army, yet again. I've only seen it 341/2 times this year. TCM show it about 3 times/week ,on average. So, i've not watched it more times than its actually broadcast, which ,makes me slightly less of a sad bastard than i could potentially be , sometimes its probably a good thing not actually reaching your full potential.. But it's a great ol' film anyhow and explains how we won the war.

                          Obviously with spies of the calibre of Clint n' Richard, we couldn't go wrong. 'Dead hard n' mean',and Richard Burton being 'dead clever', as well. The germans were stupid ,slow and couldn't use their weapons as good as our boys. 50 German soldiers would open fire on Clint and only hit the wall. Then Clint would step out,give 'em a steely 'Clint glint' which obviously intimidated the Germans as they didn't open fire and stood there as Clint blew them all apart.

                                     Then we have the hand grenades. When 'we' throw a grenade it lands in the middle of the ,machine gun nest, Tank turret,or whatever and explodes right on cue, inflicting the maximum damage possible. Not the Germans tho'. They throw their stick grenades underhand and they clatter along the floor to Clints feet ,Clint then calmly bends down to pick it up ,swings his arm back and throws it back. It sails through the air, hits the ground ,clatters along the corridor until it arrives back with its owner then, finally explodes. The Germans were very soft as well ,as they always got killed .Whereas 'our lot',only get wounded. You don't mess with Clint n' Richard, Even the Eagles wouldn't dare. Ahh, it's a great ol' film.

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