Thursday, 29 November 2007


The other week i went to see the Missus play her first 'gig' in a recently formed motown band. She also plays trombone in a swing orchestra as well as a Ska band. It was from the Ska band that the Motown band was formed. She's no great fan of Motown ,but she's loving playing. I have to say it went really well. The crowd were 'up fer it' and really enjoyed it, as did the Missus ,who was terrified before they started playing. It came as no suprise to me, her faithful husband/groupie,as i know how good she is. But what did astound, amaze and suprise me was the amount of use my dearly beloved made of her spit-valve....There was gallons coming out of the bloody thing, every few seconds so it seemed to me. The front three rows of the audience must've nearly drowned. Aside from that ,there was the ankle deep puddle around her ankles(thats how i worked out the depth you see!)....There was all the electric cables for the speakers and amps, etc .I half expected a bright flash n' a loud bang and a more than slightly singed missus smoking away on the suddenly darkened stage.

We've been married now a good few years and i thought i knew her well .But, i never dreamed she could produce so much spit .She'd have been great in our school where we all used to walk the streets (never the playground) gobbing all over the pavements ,cos we was 'dead hard'. Next time we have a 'kiss n' a cuddle', i think i may need to bring a snorkel and a set of flippers.

Actually ,if you want to have a look at a few clips ot THE MOTOWN BAND, on you tube,put on by somebody called TERRY T POTT (TerryTpott)..Those of you who know Lynne (the Missus) will clearly see her about her tuneful duties. Go on ,have a look ,i guarantee you wont get wet.


TerryTpot said...

I'm wearin' goggles at the next show.

Ps. It twas from The Motown Band that the Ska band was formed.

Simon Ellinas said...

What? you mean THIS one?