Tuesday, 8 April 2008


I woke this morning and it was like any other day. But, was it? I thought so until i arrived at the big ASDA store near where i live. I was mooching around the store when i heard this irritatingly cheerful woman's voice announcing anouncementts to 'the Shoppers. ' Each announcement preceeded with either "Good morning shoppers" ,or, " Hello Shoppers."But it sounded not only annoying ,but familiary annoying. Then it 'hit me'where i'd heard it from .That voice was the voice of the woman who used to make the announcements to everybody in 'THE VILLAGE',in PATRICK MACGOOHAN'S classic series 'THE PRISONER.' She always made these 'happy ,chappy' cheerful announcements over tannoys scattered about 'the village.' Well, she's either escaped ,retired or defected to ASDA superstore in Warrington. But ,is it as simple ,as that? Could it be i've been kidnapped and placed in the Asda store, like NUMBER 6 thrown into 'The Village.' Is there a NUMBER 2 ,who is there to get information from me?("they wont get it") Like why i changed from PG TIPS tea to YORKSHIRE TEA. Or why from SLICED BREAD to CRUSTY BREAD. Well, they wont break me.So, with supreme cunning and derring do' i escaped across the car park ,managing to avoid the big white MOON HOPPER,they called ROVER in the series, bouncing up n' down merrily on my face.

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