Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Pete Doherty 's a fairly tall lean slightly stooped scruffy 'smackhead' who ,apparently ,when he's able to walk ,and or stand on a stage ,sings a bit for a band ,called 'THE BABYSHAMBLES'. I don't know about the rest of them ,but it seems to be a good description of our hero(?). When he's not making a fool of himself on stage , he can be found any time of the day sitting bombed out of his brains in his car ,along with his emergency supply kit of every narcotic known to the police who 'nick 'him ,on average about 6 times a week. Or , he used to be getting his leg over Kate Moss and sharing exotic powders and not so exotic soft drink straws ,with the face of London ,whatever that means.
ROGER DALTREY and PETE TOWNSHEND referred to him as a 'FUCKWIT',"Who'll be found dead on the floor of a toilet somewhere, one day soon." And i don't think anybody 'd be too suprised ,if that gruesome scenario came to pass. What amazes me ,is that 'Our Hero'(?). was voted THE COOLEST PERSON,In some N.M.E. poll. So ,to be cool n' trendy ,we've got to be a useless ' smackhead' who can't stay out of court or jail. Mind you he'll probably enjoy his few days in 'The Pokey', as there's probably more drugs going around inside the walls then outside. Heck ,'Our Hero(?)' wont want to come out.

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