Monday, 14 April 2008


When your in a state of empty mindedness ,when you have no thoughts and you are at one with the drawing board you've been leaning on for over 3 hours .In many parts of the world ,it would be said that you'd attained a ZEN -LIKE STATE ,or a STATE OF ZEN,and this state of EMPTY MINDEDNESS,or as can also be classiffied as a MEDITATIVE state, is the ultimate state to be in. Priests n' monks sit cross legged gazing at walls for years on end . Twisting themselves into very painful looking ,body twisting positions to attain similar states. This total relaxation of the body n' mind is supposed to endow almost mystical health benefits and powers to the practitioners of these mystic arts .
I have attained an almost MYSTICAL ZEN -LIKE STATE, without having to sit cross-legged, shaven headed ,wrapped in a blanket on top of a snowy Himalayan peak for 70 years. I have the EMPTY MIND and relaxed body as soon as i looked at a blank piece of paper on which i was going to draw something on .Now for YOGI'S N' MONKS,etc, etc this calm relaxed state of mind is a wonderful thing. But ,if your a cartoonist trying to write your blog ,you need a mind that is a buzzing, whirring maelstrom ,exploding with ideas and thoughts...A state which would have your average BUDDHIST MONK thouroughly 'pissed off'. But ,hey let them go off and think about not thinking. And leave us (slighty more than..) average CARTOONISTS to think 'all the usual useless rubbish', needed to fill a blank piece of paper.
Anyhow, hopefully i will attain a Zen-like state of TOTAL RELAXATION OF BODY AND EMPTINESS OF MIND,sometime next week at the CARTOON FESTIVAL IN SHREWSBURY, after about 37 pints of GUINNESS....Theres not much MYSTICAL about it ,even not particually ZEN , but it's definitly A' STATE !'

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