Monday, 7 April 2008


The missus ,the lovely Lynne , shakes her head sadly as she comes in from another hard days slogging n' slaving away ,only to find her husband sitting with a 5 gallon mug of tea with 2 tea bags still floating in there ,just to give it taste, watching old sci fi telly shows on DVD's. The other day i was watching an old episode of VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA.It was on a DVD from good ol' E-Bay. Afterwards as i was pottering about the house,doing good househusbandy stuff like washing the dishes from 3or 4 days ago,like a good hubby does. I found myself, not playing music and howling along to it ,as normal ,but ,i was singing the sound of that sonar from THE SEAVIEW,the submarine in the show .And i know a lot of you ol' farts out there will deny remembering that distinctive BA-DUM...DUM-DUM-DUM........BA-DUM.........DUM-DUM-DUM.........BA-DUM...........DUM-DUM-DUM..... But i know you do. As it ran through the whole of every episode. I admit that it is fairly sad and i am fairly sad,but it gets sadder. I bought some computer CD's containing comics .A heap of Marvel and D.C characters .It's fantastic hundreds of issues on one CD.In fact i doubt i'll ever be able to read them all. One collection is SUPERMAN,ACTION COMICS. In some of them they had the SUPERWOMAN character zipping about being generally super with her cousin SUPERMAN. But, she wore this short frilly skirt ,and she looked dead sexy!And i fancied her ,somethin' rotten. I'm trying,unsuccessfully, to get the lovely Lynne to dress up as SUPERWOMAN. So she can give me a break from leaping off the wardrobe ,dressed as BATMAN. She can try it as SUPERWOMAN, if only so my BATMAN KIT can have a much needed clean in the BAT WASHER n' BAT SPIN DRYER.

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