Thursday, 3 April 2008


Apparently ,according to a wonderful ol' film cliche ,we drink to forget. who knows maybe it is true . Maybe that is the main reason we drink and abuse our systems ..To forget. I don't know,i can't remember!

I've been drinking and abusing my system for many a year now,so whatever it is i've been trying to forget ,i must've forgotten it by now,'cos i've forgotten damn near every other bloody thing, without the aid of alcohol ,just old age ,stupidity and Tetley tea bags. Whatever it is i was trying to forget ,i don't know if i've forgotten it ,so i don't know when i can stop drinking safely .I need to remember what it is i'm drinking to forget, so i'll know when i've had enough so i can stop drinking again once. But once i'm reminded it'd be straight down the boozer to start the forgetting proccess all over again untill i've forgotten it all again. And then a few more pints ,just to make sure that all my newly (again) forgotten memories are really forgotten.

A good way of forgetting what you don't want to remember is to remind yourself what it is you want to forget by writing it down on a piece of paper, so your reminded when you've forgotten what it is you don't want to remember.But then you'd need a few more to wipe out what you've just remembered,so when your finally blind drunk ,unable to read your reminder, your prostate form being picked off the floor by the bouncer and slung out into the gutter, getting the odd kick in the ribs from all the other 'pissed up' tortured souls who've been trying 'to forget' and are staggering around the city streets,in between the boozer and the chippy. It's all very well this drinking to forget ,but you've got to keep your strength up ,so don't forget a nice bag of chips ,or a good curry.Believe me it'll take more than a good drink to help you forget that . (If my memory serves..)

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